You might be surprised the finds at Mendo Baby! While our inventory is ever changing based on what amazing finds come through our doors there are staples you can depend on finding when you pop in to see us!


Boppys, car seats and bumbos oh my!

We have the best collection of newborn needs including excellent condition boppys, pregnancy pillows, nursing pillows, car seats and more!


Nursing supplies

We carry a huge supply of pumps, shields and accessories to make your breastfeeding journey start off with success. We also have experts who are here to answer questions and direct you to resources you may need.


Seats, baths and tummy time

We have the largest selection of baby gear in Ukiah! You’ll find tummy time mats, baby baths, vibrating seats and exersaucers. We always have items in the best condition ready for your bundle of joy.


There is so much gear when you are getting ready for baby and sometimes you find they don’t love it OR you didn’t get what they do love. Come check Mendo Baby first and let your little sit in it and let you know he or she loves it before you buy it even!